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A Perfectly Ordinary Preschool

Say what? We’re going to build a garden on THAT? The preschool that I help to run is almost 50 years old. We have an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted. We have never excluded a child. We work with any parent … Continue reading

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Saving the Children

Today, the charity Save the Children published a report entitled “Untapped Potential” about children’s outcomes in early years settings, and the qualification levels of early years staff, focusing particularly on private, voluntary and independent (PVI) settings. While I wouldn’t disagree … Continue reading

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One of the lessons I’ve learned from helping to run an early years setting is that feedback works best in loops. In part, this is of necessity when you work with very young children. You have to know what the … Continue reading

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Early Years Play is …

It would be hard to overstate the importance of brilliant early years practitioners when using play to support children’s learning and development. Early years play is … * carefully structured to ensure conceptual development in all areas of the curriculum; … Continue reading

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Play is …

It would be hard to overstate the importance of play in children’s learning and development. Play is … * the way that children interact with and consequently learn about their world; * vital for developing language and acquiring new vocabulary; … Continue reading

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The Accidental Manager

I never set out to become a manager. I have stumbled (been dragged) into management later in life. But there is one crucial element: I don’t get paid. If someone fired me, I’d be a bit miffed, but it would free up … Continue reading

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Falls the Shadow

When you voluntarily help to create or run an educational setting, you do so with an agenda that guides you. You might not be aware that you have an agenda, or you might choose not to examine what it is. But we … Continue reading

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Campaign Notes

Maybe it was nothing to do with me, but Ofsted have just pulled back from the idea of charging parents for their CRB check if they want to volunteer to help run their local preschools. The ‘campaign’ as it was … Continue reading

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Thirteen to One

It was an admirable vision. Young children, having access to early education – the best input at the time it mattered most. Fifteen free hours in a setting to talk, and explore, and play, to share stories, and run around, … Continue reading

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Wanted: Preschool Charity Workers

This job is a superb opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about how a preschool runs, including charity law, finances, pension law, dealing with the local authority, interviewing and appointing staff, managing staffing levels, ordering resources, maintaining a website and, … Continue reading

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