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Somebody’s Child

One of the most striking differences for me between teaching in primary, and teaching in secondary, is the depth of the relationship that we can develop with each child. This is not to apportion blame: it is a simple fact … Continue reading

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Truss Translated

Below are extracts taken verbatim from an appearance on Newsnight by Elizabeth Truss, the Childcare Minister, on Thursday 12th September 2013. The words in blue are my (tongue-in-cheek) ‘translations’. “If you go into a Reception class, you will find that … Continue reading

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Thirteen to One

It was an admirable vision. Young children, having access to early education – the best input at the time it mattered most. Fifteen free hours in a setting to talk, and explore, and play, to share stories, and run around, … Continue reading

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I think I’m fairly unusual in that I have taught at both ends of the age range spectrum. I trained to teach 3 – 8 year olds, moved into secondary teaching and now work with adults. I also help to … Continue reading

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The Incredible Power of Words

Can writing make a difference? Can words encourage someone to think differently, or even change a person’s mind? It’s an interesting question to ponder. Given that I’m a writer, I have always sincerely hoped so. But sometimes it’s really cool … Continue reading

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The 44 year old Free School

It’s only just occurred to me, in the way that these things do, but I’m actually helping to run a 44 year old free school. The path has not always been smooth, but for the last 44 years there has … Continue reading

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Striking a Balance: What do Preschoolers do all Day?

Many years ago, I trained as an early years teacher. Later I moved on to work in the primary sector, then at secondary level, and eventually with adults. These days I do a mixture of things, including writing books for … Continue reading

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