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Love is … being a Parent

1. The years fly past and will never happen again. The moments really matter. 2. I would rather earn less and spend more time with my children, than earn more and spend less time with them. 3. No one is … Continue reading

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Holiday Lessons: Three

Risk is fun, but you must learn to take care. Some things are risky and others are not, or at least are less so. We all balance the equation for ourselves. With our children we assess the risk for and … Continue reading

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How to Learn to do Something that you Find Really Difficult

One of the trickiest bits of being a teacher is that you are usually very good at the things you are trying to teach. It is hard, therefore, to figure out how to teach it to someone who doesn’t find … Continue reading

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This is How I Teach

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Experience, think, read, write, more experience, more thinking, more reading, more writing. Start again at experience. I teach teachers. It’s my job alongside writing books and … Continue reading

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Making my own Mistakes

I love these words: learning, experience, complexity, uncertainty, experimentation, creativity, communication, language, children, family, love, community, connections, commonsense, intuition, emotion, engaged, sideways. These words are popular right now: certainty, knowledge, rigour, measure, progress, evidence, data, outstanding, standards, efficient. We are … Continue reading

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Another Brick in the Wall

Welcome to the Learning Factory. Leave your sense of humour at the door. Wipe the joy off your feet before you enter. Wash the fun off your hands and use the gloves provided. Read the Rules of the Learning Factory … Continue reading

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The Mr Men Wars: Does Creativity Matter?

There’s a lot of debate at the moment about what might be termed ‘creative’ teaching methods. The ‘Mr Men Wars’, you could call it. On the one side, are those who believe that any attempt to make learning fun, or … Continue reading

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Risky Teaching

It’s often said that we’re becoming more and more risk averse as a society. Certainly, it seems to me that schools and teachers are less willing to take risks than they were when I first came into the profession in … Continue reading

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