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A rainy winter’s night. A shabby office at the DfE. Somewhere near Watford.  Sir John: We’re thinking of rebranding knowledge post Brexit. Jasper: [splutters] Rebranding knowledge? John, surely you’re not serious? Rupert: Not enough workers, Jasper. No one wants to pick … Continue reading

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Too Many Hats

The Playwright sits in a darkened room, scratching thoughts, ideas, knowledge on a page.  The Actor brings the script alive (some audiences are tricky to please). The Artist turns a simple resource into the key to another world. The Kitten … Continue reading

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How to Learn to do Something that you Find Really Difficult

One of the trickiest bits of being a teacher is that you are usually very good at the things you are trying to teach. It is hard, therefore, to figure out how to teach it to someone who doesn’t find … Continue reading

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Making my own Mistakes

I love these words: learning, experience, complexity, uncertainty, experimentation, creativity, communication, language, children, family, love, community, connections, commonsense, intuition, emotion, engaged, sideways. These words are popular right now: certainty, knowledge, rigour, measure, progress, evidence, data, outstanding, standards, efficient. We are … Continue reading

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Trying to Catch Butterflies

It takes all kinds of progress to make a world. And at the centre of it all is the child. Everything we do must be done to improve things for the child, otherwise it’s completely pointless. If you think back to your … Continue reading

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