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Working with the Enemy

I have a confession to make. I have taken my children out of school for educational reasons. Personally I’d never do it just ‘to go on a holiday’, especially not to Disneyland (which they’d hate anyway). Even though we have … Continue reading

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The Duck Wedding

I once asked the kid who her favourite ever teacher was. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have, because all of her teachers have been great, and it’s not a competition. But I was curious about what her answer would be. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Blob

When Michael Gove made it fashionable to blame “the blob” for the supposedly disastrous state of our education system, he unleashed a powerful narrative on state schools. The narrative told us that progressive state education had been an unparalleled disaster … Continue reading

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Just 3 Teachers

Here are my ‘Just 3 Teachers’. Thanks to Michael Tidd for the inspiration. 🙂 1. The teacher I emulated. I’m going to cheat and pick two. First up is Miss Ladd, my secondary English teacher (we were so excited when … Continue reading

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* Why Acronyms In Teaching? In my first year as a secondary school teacher, there was something called AR&R. The school had a deputy head teacher responsible for AR&R. It was the phrase on everyone’s lips. Unfortunately, I had absolutely … Continue reading

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Masters of the Universe

Yesterday it was announced that a Labour Government would create a new designation of ‘Master Teacher’, as part of a ‘drive to raise standards’. Setting aside any questions about whether this is a good idea or not, when I run … Continue reading

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Simply the Best

“access to the best that has been thought and written …” Michael Gove I’ve always been wary of the notion of a literary canon: a list of the best that has ever been written. In part, my concern stems from … Continue reading

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Somebody’s Child

One of the most striking differences for me between teaching in primary, and teaching in secondary, is the depth of the relationship that we can develop with each child. This is not to apportion blame: it is a simple fact … Continue reading

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Too Many Hats

The Playwright sits in a darkened room, scratching thoughts, ideas, knowledge on a page.  The Actor brings the script alive (some audiences are tricky to please). The Artist turns a simple resource into the key to another world. The Kitten … Continue reading

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51 Weeks In the absence of anyone at the DfE being willing to think this one through before announcing it in the press, I am taking a few minutes out of my (thankfully very relaxed) holiday schedule to do it for … Continue reading

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