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An Impossible Choice

This has been a week of blog posts on the subject of what people call ‘accountability’ but what we might also fairly term ‘compliance’. The announcement came last weekend via The Telegraph. A ‘crack down’ on heads ‘cheating’ the system through … Continue reading

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The Cult of Clever

1. Only some people can gain entry to The Cult of Clever, but everyone must believe. 2. We have studied at the Special Places. Therefore, we are special. 3. We are cleverer than you. Therefore, we can say what you … Continue reading

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Every Teacher a Writer

When you teach, you write with your words (and your body). You weave a story with images, or wrap thinking around a metaphor. You give an explanation, or a guided demonstration. And you use multi-sensory resources to help build the … Continue reading

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An Education

What is ‘An Education’? Some say education is about making people cleverer: about ensuring that people have access to lots of knowledge. I can’t see anything to argue with in that (although I don’t think teaching lots of knowledge necessarily … Continue reading

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I guess we’d all like to leave our mark on this Earth. To scratch a line on the cave wall. An echo for when we are gone. There are many ways we can do this: through kindness, humanity, charitable works, … Continue reading

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This is How I Teach

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Experience, think, read, write, more experience, more thinking, more reading, more writing. Start again at experience. I teach teachers. It’s my job alongside writing books and … Continue reading

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Willingham on Willingham

Sometimes the direct approach works best: you just need to ask nicely. I’ve had a brief exchange of emails with the very courteous Daniel Willingham (or Dan). I decided to write after posting this about evidence based teaching. Here’s my … Continue reading

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Searching for the Silver Bullet

You can test for ‘most efficient’, but ‘best’ is a value judgement. I’ve been trying to work out why I’m nervous about all the talk of teaching as an ‘evidence-led profession’. I get all the arguments about why it’s a … Continue reading

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The Smoking Room Conversation

Get this: there was a smoking room at the first secondary school where I taught. A real live genuine room inside the building where teachers could smoke. Not just a cupboard either, but a room with comfy chairs and its own sink. … Continue reading

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Making my own Mistakes

I love these words: learning, experience, complexity, uncertainty, experimentation, creativity, communication, language, children, family, love, community, connections, commonsense, intuition, emotion, engaged, sideways. These words are popular right now: certainty, knowledge, rigour, measure, progress, evidence, data, outstanding, standards, efficient. We are … Continue reading

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