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There was much rejoicing in the primary/secondary sector when Sir Michael Wilshaw sent a letter to school inspectors, insisting that they should not look for a particular teaching style when observing lessons, but focus solely on the outcomes for students. … Continue reading

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Send in the Clowns

Becoming a great teacher is hard won. You can’t reduce it to a set of formulas or put it on a spreadsheet. You can’t sum it up in a database, or map it in a study. You can’t say ‘just … Continue reading

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A Very Local School

Yesterday we were given a tour of the secondary school where our son will go in September 2014. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that he should attend this school. We won’t even list any other ‘choices’ when … Continue reading

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An Impossible Choice

This has been a week of blog posts on the subject of what people call ‘accountability’ but what we might also fairly term ‘compliance’. The announcement came last weekend via The Telegraph. A ‘crack down’ on heads ‘cheating’ the system through … Continue reading

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The Cult of Clever

1. Only some people can gain entry to The Cult of Clever, but everyone must believe. 2. We have studied at the Special Places. Therefore, we are special. 3. We are cleverer than you. Therefore, we can say what you … Continue reading

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Every Teacher a Writer

When you teach, you write with your words (and your body). You weave a story with images, or wrap thinking around a metaphor. You give an explanation, or a guided demonstration. And you use multi-sensory resources to help build the … Continue reading

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An Education

What is ‘An Education’? Some say education is about making people cleverer: about ensuring that people have access to lots of knowledge. I can’t see anything to argue with in that (although I don’t think teaching lots of knowledge necessarily … Continue reading

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