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Shift Happens

In an attempt at a digital detox, I’ve barely touched my computer for over a month. Apart from dealing with a handful of emails that couldn’t wait until the end of the holidays, and reading a few blogs that interested … Continue reading

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Won’t Get Fooled Again

This morning I was ambling through my Twitter timeline in my usual half awake Monday state, when I stumbled across the following tweet: More thoughts on this picture and my tweet about it. — Doug Lemov (@Doug_Lemov) March 5, … Continue reading

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Just Google It

In the last few decades of the twentieth century, something strange happened in schools and colleges. A boxy shaped thing called a “BBC Computer” started to appear. It had a big screen, a bit like a television, and it came … Continue reading

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Ban the Future

Kids do a lot of things that are annoying, but thankfully for the future of the human race, they do a lot more things that are interesting, or funny, or cute. Often, the annoying and the amusing are bound together … Continue reading

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