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I’ve been thinking about Twitter timelines, ever since I read Bodil’s Isaksen’s blog asking what people want to get out of Twitter. (Thank you for the inspiration, Bodil.) One of the weird things about Twitter is that you exist in … Continue reading

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Curating your Feed

I’ve only ever had one tweet that I felt was truly, unacceptably abusive. I had just got in from a long drive on the M25, and I tweeted a comment about it. Clearly ‘M25’ was a trigger word for someone, … Continue reading

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Life Without Twitter

Gazing out of a window Instead of into a screen Tinkering about, only at the margins Of the online world Stepping away for a time From the hurly-burly And the clamouring voices Into a quieter place Writing to hear yourself … Continue reading

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The Seven Stages of Twitter

1. Oblivious: What is this Twitter thing of which you speak? 2. Confused: How does this thing work again? 3. Sceptical: How do I get anyone to listen to me if I’ve only got 3 followers? 4. Addicted: How many … Continue reading

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The Methods and The Madness

Sometimes I feel like I am living in two worlds: the Real World and the Virtual World. In the Real World, where I am “mum”, I get my kids up and off to school every morning, I do the washing … Continue reading

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The #TwitteratiChallenge Collection

This is a compilation of the #TwitteratiChallenge posts, done in response a challenge from Teacher Toolkit. The Challenge asked educators to nominate their five ‘go to’ people on Twitter for inspiration and challenge. Please let me know if I’ve missed … Continue reading

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Thanks to @rlj1981 for nominating me for this, despite the fact that I’ve been hiding from Twitter for the past 2 weeks. 😉 Here are my five nominations, please make of them what you will: 1. @LauraChildcare is a complete … Continue reading

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