Informed Consent

Teacher: You’re going to do your baseline test now, Charlie.

Charlie: Why?

Teacher: Because we need data.

Charlie: What’s data?

Teacher: It’s something we can use to measure systems. To see if they are efficient.

[There is a pause.]

Teacher: Think of it as a game, rather than a test.

Charlie: What’s the prize?

Teacher: There isn’t one. It says in the manual: ‘Any offer of a reward may skew the data and is not permitted.’

Charlie: Will you play the game with me, Miss?

Teacher: I’m not allowed to.

Charlie: Why not, Miss?

Teacher: Because … well, because they think I might help you.

Charlie: But you’re meant to help me.

[There is a long pause.]

Teacher: Will you do the test now, Charlie?

Charlie: [starting to wriggle] I don’t want to play this game. I want to do Lego with Ben.

Teacher: Later. But not as a reward for doing the test.

Charlie: Can I go out to play yet?

Teacher: Do the test. And then you can. But not as a reward for …

Charlie: [urgently] I need a poo.

Teacher: Off you go, then.


This post is for the June #blogsync hosted by Chris Waugh @Edutronic_Net. This month’s topic is testing in schools. You can sign up here.

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