*Warning: this Blog contains Emotion.

The word ‘judgement’ has a split personality. It can be decisive, harsh and final: “She stood in judgement and found him wanting.” But it can also be sensitive, subtle, responsive: “He made a judgement about the best way to help her.” As a teacher, I use my judgement in many ways. I judge the best way to get my ideas across (based on experience and research). I judge the most useful material to include (based on research and experience). And I judge in the moment – these people, this place, that time. This is where my intuition comes in: engage, react, decide, intuit what is needed now, based on all that I have learned before.

My instinct says that teaching is as much about the personal, individual, creative, as it is about the specific and the standardised. It feels right when I teach, so I aim to pick that apart for others, to help them get to ‘feels right’ too. I have a funny feeling that we will look back and wonder quite what we were doing trying to iron all the difference out of everything. And my intuition tells me that, if we specify one ‘right way’ to teach, we may lose something that we didn’t realise we had, until it was gone.

(Of course, I may be wrong.)

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