100 Years Later

5th March, 2115

The late 20th and  early 21st Century are now regarded as the golden age of children’s literature. A hundred years earlier, there were few great books for children. But at this time, a new age began. Of course, people still loved books written hundreds of years earlier, when many great adult ones were written. But those who spent time with children could now revel in a glorious outpouring of literature for children. Authors like Patrick Ness, Michael Morpurgo, Malorie Blackman and Darren Shan created books that got children reading voraciously.  For younger children, there were amazing picture books from authors such as Julia Donaldson and illustrators like Axel Scheffler. You’ll have heard of Harry Potter as well, after whose friend Hermione our esteemed leader is named. There were astonishing non fiction books as well, full of knowledge presented in a way that brought it to life for  young people. Dorling Kindersley is a name on everyone’s tongue. There is no space to mention here all the wonderful writers who made up this amazing time, but we came across an archive set of lists here, of the kind of books loved by Little People, Slightly Bigger Ones, and that strange group of semi-adults known as Teenagers.

And on one day every year, lots of children and teachers got dressed up, to celebrate the fact that books are amazing, and brilliant, and that everyone around the world loves them.

Happy #WorldBookDay 🙂

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