Words are my Friends

Words in the heart cannot be taken.‘ Terry Pratchett

Words are my friends, so I try to treat them with the utmost of care. With words I can talk and listen and share. I can advise and support and suggest. I can puzzle and question and wonder. Words can pick me up when I’m feeling down. They can make me smile and laugh and cry. Words help me figure out how I see the world, and they let me share that vision with others. They allow me to weave an idea, or a story, or an image, in a reader’s mind. Isn’t that amazing?

Words are my weapons, and they are powerful ones, so I must handle them with care. With words I can challenge and question. I can wind up or poke fun at. I can attack and cut and skewer. I can express fury, or distaste. I try my hardest not to use words to belittle or dismiss, to misrepresent or twist or upset. I don’t want to use words to exclude, to keep a closed shop. I want to be gentle and inclusive – to say ‘please come in and chat for a while, whoever you are’.

Words are strange, mystical things. They reside in the dictionary, doing no good or harm to anyone at all. And then a writer comes along and shapes them into something entirely new. The words you use leave an echo behind you. An imprint of you on the world. 

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.‘ William Wordsworth

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4 Responses to Words are my Friends

  1. bt0558 says:

    Personally I prefer the notion that words are simply blended phonics used to express the universal truth within the constraints of cognitive load learned without any fun as efficiently as possible for the majority as indicated by the results of an RCT in an attempt to demonstrate that I am always correct while belittling people behind that defence of universal truth.

    I find all that “I am a human being” stuff to be a bit yucky and it gets in the way when using words for knowledge (truth) transmission, often resulting in people I teach developing dangerous ideas which sometimes are not even identical to that which I transmitted.

    I have written 300 posts explaining this in great depth on my blog and I refer you there if you don’t understand.

    Happy new year


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