Knowledge: The First Five Years

When I was born
I didn’t know much
I knew how to scream
And I knew how to touch.

I didn’t know who
All the big people were
My eyes didn’t focus
My world was a blur.

But now five years later
They’ve sent me to school
‘Cos I know loads of things
And I’m nobody’s fool.

I know how to roll
I know how to sit
I know how to stand
Though I wobble a bit.

I know how to listen
I know how to talk
I know how to laugh
And I know how to walk.

I know who my mum is
I know who’s my dad
I know my big brother
Can make me feel mad.

I know what a car is
And how fast it goes
I know that it tickles
When dad counts my toes.

I know how to eat
Though I have to confess
It sometimes goes wrong
And I make a big mess.

I know how to play
I can stack all the blocks
I know what a bird is
And even a fox.

I know what books do
And I know what I love
Those times when mum cuddles me
Tight as a glove.

And I learned all this stuff
By watching and playing
I listened and learned
From what people were saying.

So now that I’m big
And I know tons of things
They’ve sent me to school
To memorise kings.

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4 Responses to Knowledge: The First Five Years

  1. hgeoadedotun says:

    Learn on my friend. Thumbs up


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