The #TwitteratiChallenge Collection

This is a compilation of the #TwitteratiChallenge posts, done in response a challenge from Teacher Toolkit. The Challenge asked educators to nominate their five ‘go to’ people on Twitter for inspiration and challenge. Please let me know if I’ve missed your post.

Laura Henry (@LauraChildcare)

Jill Berry (@jillberry102)

Rachel Jones (@rlj1981)

David Jones (@ewenfield)

Choco Tzar (@ChocoTzar)

Rory Gallagher (@EddieKayshun)

Nicola Fitzpatrick (@blamehound)

Carolyn O’Connor (@clyn40)

Cherrylk-d (@cherrylkd)

Shaun Allison (@shaun-allison)

Chris Chivers (@ChrisChivers2)

Stephen Tierney (@LeadingLearner)

Helen Dunn (@MrsD_Helen)

Brad Mellor (@DnTTaL)

Jim Smith (@jim1982)

ClaireC (@Constant55)

Emma Kell (@thosethatcan)

Martyn Reah (@MartynReah)

James Bleach (@jambledandt)

Paul Dix (@pivotalpaul)

Carol Webb (@cazzwebbo)

Vivienne Porritt (@LCLL_Director)

Simone Haughey (@simonehaughey)

Penny Webb (@PSW26259)

Deborah Fielden (@DeborahFielden)

Rache (@HilaryWhite3)

Kathy Brodie (@kathybrodie)

Rachel Lofthouse (@rmlofthouse)

NurseryNook (@NurseryNook)

Kierna Corr (@CiarnaC)

Whatonomy (@whatonomy)

Shelly Sanchez (@ShellTerrell)

And here’s mine.

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